04 August, 2016

The Case For Anticipation

ONE MONTH LATER I'm back with a new blog post. Thanks for being patient, guys. New York has wined me and dined me and utterly consumed every ounce of my being. To be clear, the last thing I've wanted to do is write a blog post about crop tops or nail polish or summer sandals. I don't plan on  totally abandoning those topics on this blog, but it is important for my content to evolve with me.

Let's talk about this summer. I can't type these words without smiling like an absolute lunatic. I'm so insanely happy and that's certainly not something I've always been able to say. It is, however, something I've always highly anticipated being able to say.

Anticipation can be such a powerful tool when used in the right manner. Waiting is the most difficult part of anticipation, though. Waiting is a pain. Whether you're waiting for food at a restaurant or waiting for direct deposit to land in your bank account - waiting is brutal.

For some people, myself included, waiting is discouraging. Why am I waiting so long to hear back from a job application? Why am I waiting for someone to text me back? Why am I waiting to go on that vacation I've always wanted to book?

A few years ago I decided to redirect the negative energy associated with waiting and put it towards something positive, like plotting my next badass move.

I am currently facing the fact that I have to peel myself away from Manhattan to go back to DC and finish my final year of college. It might as well be a prison sentence. I can only imagine how dramatic this must sound, but how could someone look forward to leaving New York?!

The ironic part is that when I was in high school all I wanted to do was move to DC and start college. After about two months in college all I wanted to do was move to New York and start my career. It's all about the anticipation. My advice is to make sure you always have something to look forward to.

I never allow myself to stop thinking about what's next no matter where I am. 


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