22 June, 2016

I Feel Like Carrie

Kanye West feels like Pablo. I feel like Carrie. I've been in New York for nearly one month now and I can't help but wonder how I ever survived anywhere else. What I love most about this city is absolutely everything.

I remember watching Sex and The City before I even visited NYC and thinking to myself, "Okay, Carrie Bradshaw is so melodramatic and annoying... but also fabulous... but also ANNOYING!"

If you've watched the show you understand what I'm saying. She waxes poetically about romance, fashion, life and love all from the comfort of her rent controlled apartment on the Upper East Side. It's a lot to handle at times.

I get it now. She was only annoying because I couldn't relate to her. When she talked about being in a relationship with Manhattan I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes into the next century. When she typed her column while looking out of her apartment window at the skyscrapers adorning her block I thought it was such overkill.

"We get it, you live in New York," I thought to myself. I didn't understand, though. Sure she was a fictional character but Carrie was onto something. Carrie brought to light what every 20-something year old girl experiences when she's in New York - whether the girl admits it or not.

I feel like Carrie when I walk down the street and the cool city breeze transfers from the sides of the buildings into my hair blowing it around so dramatically you'd swear there was a fan in front of me.

I feel like Carrie when I regularly spend too much money on clothes and not enough money on food.

I feel like Carrie when I venture out completely and totally alone with no intentions of seeing anyone except the city itself.

I feel like Carrie when I fall in love with every avenue the same way one falls in love with a significant other.

I feel like Carrie when I surround myself with friends who are unapologetically determined, independent and intelligent people with goals and passions and talents.

I feel like Carrie when I type these words onto this screen realizing that I have fought my way to New York City all on my own after years of looking at the city through reruns of Sex and The City.


  1. This was amazing, I actually picture that i am Carrie EVERYTIME I visit NY

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