07 April, 2016

Spring Loving and Sandal Shopping

I love this time of year because the air is filled with a floral perfume so sweet, it can only be produced by nature. I enjoy seeing flowers right before they bloom; these flowers are always my favorite because I can already see their full beauty even though the rest of the world may not yet be able to.

Spring seemed to appear out of nowhere with sunshine and tee shirt weather beckoning me to pack away my winter clothes. Although the weather still differs on a daily basis (thanks Northern Virginia) I am leaning towards warm weather clothes over the chunky knit sweaters I've been living in for months. 

Shoes are typically the last layer to change between winter and spring, simply due to the fact that the weather still likes to play with our emotions by being super cold in the morning and super warm in the afternoon. However, you can get started shopping for sandals and the warm weather will be here to stay before you know it. 

Last summer I discovered Forever 21 sandals. If you've been following my blog since the beginning, you may have seen me slightly trash talk Forever 21 here. I have a new attitude towards the store ever since discovering their sandals. I wore them non-stop last summer in *Milan* (brb, crying). They were the perfect walking shoes and I can't wait to break them out again.

I prefer sandals without a strap around the heel simply because I always get blisters. Always. These shoes are the remedy for my sensitive heels because they simply slide on my feet. 

Shop my favorites from the Forever 21 website below:

Faux Suede Sandals (+colors) $12.90
Crisscross Faux Leather Sandals (+colors) $8.90
Braided Faux Leather Sandals (+colors) $8.90


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