12 April, 2016

Interview Season: The Power Outfit

The first chance you have to make a good impression is always through your outfit. This is particularly true when it comes to speaking with potential employers. 

Let's pretend you're interviewing someone for a job. They walk into your office wearing tight ripped jeans, a wrinkled shirt and worn out shoes. What does this tell you about this person's attitude? For me, this outfit says this person doesn't think the interview is worth looking their very best. 

Don't be that person. Don't let your friends be that person. To avoid being that person, you must invest in your appearance. You need to buy a classic outfit that will take you the distance so that you will get the job that pays the distance. It's a cyclical process.

I bought a suit from Express when I was a senior in high school because I had a tour of The White House. At the time I didn't know I would be relying on that suit for nearly every job/internship interview or professional event during my college career. You don't have to buy a suit, but you should definitely consider buying a go-to professional outfit to wow everyone around you.

Here are three different outfit choices I recommend for that important occasion:

1. The Power Suit 

This is a classic outfit for virtually all ages. As a matter of fact, I envision myself wearing only Chanel tweed suits when I hit age 70. For now, I'll stick to wearing things like this Express Columnist suit with a flattering fit and swoon-worthy price:

Express Columnist Suit

2. The Do-It-All Dress 

How many times have you reached for a dress in your closet but couldn't wear it because it was either too short or too tight for a professional occasion? It's amazing how long my legs look when I'm trying to be ~appropriate~ UGH. Here is a dress that does it all, for every business occasion:

LOFT Paneled Sheath Dress 

3. Skirt and Top Combo

When all else fails, grab a skirt and go. It is SO important to choose wisely. The wrong skirt could cost you the job. My rule of thumb is this: if you can't decide whether or not your skirt is appropriate, you shouldn't wear it. There should be no second guessing about your outfit because you want to feel 100% confident. Here are some combos to do the trick:

J. Crew Pencil Skirt 


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