13 January, 2016

The Softest Sweaters Ever (Under $30)

It's that time of year when you can't exactly cuddle up on the couch all day long and get away with it the way you could during the holiday season. You have responsibilities. You have to do adult things. Now that we've all let out a collective *sigh* let's focus on the positives!

Just because you can't stay in bed all day doesn't mean you can't bring some of that comfort to your work day. With the right knitwear, you will feel like you never even left those toasty flannel sheets. I love slipping on a snuggly sweater especially when the temperature drops into the single digits.

I like to layer to stay extra warm in the winter so typically I wear a tank or tee underneath my sweaters. However, the sweaters I've picked for you are SO soft and cozy that you don't even need to layer. These will keep you so warm that you'll feel like you're back in your bed with a warm cup of coffee.

photos: Michael Collins Design   |   makeup: Maha Shah 
H&M Cashmere Blend $29.99
H&M 100% Cashmere SALE! 
H&M Knit $29.99

H&M 100% Cashmere SALE! $29.99


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