14 December, 2015

Why I Crave New York City

I am convinced that New York City is my significant other. Now, before you think I'm going all Carrie Bradshaw on you, think again. Anyone who knows me knows I am the absolute least sentimental person on the planet so when I do have a super emotional experience, it's definitely worth talking about.

When I go to New York I usually travel alone. I am really lucky to be my own best friend - I genuinely cannot tell you how much I love being by myself in places like New York. Don't get me wrong, though... I have incredible friends who fulfill me in ways I could never repay but unfortunately they aren't always able to come to the city with me. This allows me to make my own way and further develop my own identity. 

"Anyone who knows me knows I am the absolute least sentimental person on the planet..."

The misconception many people have about New York is that it is easy to feel like you are just another fish in a pond of millions.  I beg to differ. I grew up in a small town in rural Virginia so I know what it's like to live in a tiny pond and in my opinion it is not fun. New York makes everyone feel like a total star, capable of achieving anything.

It is invigorating to walk through the quiet streets of the Upper East Side or the bustling madness in Midtown by myself and feel like I belong. New York panders to me and my interests in fashion, business and finance. It is more than the land of opportunity, it is the pulse of virtually all things relevant and current across the globe.

I am thankful for the anonymity and the exposure, the noisy and the quaint, the romantic and the grungy, the luxurious and the understated, the old and the new. I am thankful for all of the things New York has offered me and I genuinely look forward to the memories waiting to be made. 

See all of my New York photos on Instagram // @thefashionspeak 


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