31 August, 2015

The Organized Speak

This summer has been a whirlwind of incredible events and opportunities each of which have required me to be extremely punctual and highly accessible. From interning in Washington, DC as a Public Relations Assistant to gaining 6 college credits in 5 weeks while studying Italian Fashion in Milan, Italy...  Everything has required a lot of planning. I am a naturally organized person who loves to plan and create schedules that will produce the highest rate of productivity. There are only 24 hours in one day and unless you have an idea of what you want to accomplish, you won't get very much done. Here are a few tips to help you get organized The Fashion Speak way: 

Invest in a planner. 
Today I begin my second (to last) year of college and I have reintroduced myself to my notebook-style class planner that will not leave my side until the end of May. My planner is my lifeline as is my iPhone and MacBook calendar. I wake up each morning with a detailed list of what needs to be completed by the end of the day which then evolves into the week, month and year. Make a habit of writing down what you have on your schedule in the coming weeks and months even if the plans are not totally confirmed. This forces you to see what needs to be done to achieve potential goals. 

Dress the part. 
This blog is not called 'the pajama speak' or 'the sweatpants speak' for good reason! The way you dress determines your attitude, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is not hard to comprehend that putting effort into your public appearance will pave the way for success. If you are still dressing like a giant toddler, don't be surprised if you are also treated like one by those around you. I'm serious! I am amazed at how many of my peers (in America - not Milano) dress like they are going to bed when they are in fact going to a class taught by a highly intelligent professor. If your outer appearance is in tact and you look like you care about how you are presenting yourself to the public, you will be taken seriously without having to work as hard as someone who is wearing sweats. I promise.

Try to say yes. 
When you keep your schedule updated with all of your appointments it is easy to see what you do and do not have time for which allows you the potential to take on new things. When you don't write down your schedule for the day, it can seem like an avalanche of things to do are piling up when actually there are only a few things to do. Organizing your calendar allows you to see how much time you have to spend on fun activities like drinks with friends, date night or even just movies at home. Saying yes to organizing allows you to say yes to more things than you ever knew you had time for.

Write often.
The number of 'to-do' lists I make each day is impressive. It's impossible to keep track of every thing I have to do each day without writing it down. It helps to physically see what needs to be done rather than just thinking about it. It feels incredible to mark everything off at the end of the day knowing that everything has been achieved. It's like a mini-victory to see all of the things you have gotten done in one day, plus the organization is immensely helpful.

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