10 July, 2015

Be A Yes Machine

Discussing the "yes" moments with Michael

I believe in the power of yes. It is my favorite word. My heart fluttered with joy the other night when my main advisor for my study abroad program said, "I really don't like being told no..." I can relate. I have often been told that I need to be a "yes machine" in the early stages of my career, never telling a boss that I will not do something. This is absolutely vital but unfortunately some people do say no because they think they are above doing a certain task, which ends up making him or her look lazy. My yes philosophy has been in full swing during my time in Milano.

Italy cleanses the soul. The people, the fashion, the food, the architecture and the history all combine in a perfect harmony of sheer happiness. I have laughed and smiled more in the past week than I did my entire senior year of (EW) high school. I never miss an opportunity to try something new and because this is my first time in Milano, everything is new.  Imagine the feeling you had as a first grader waking up on Christmas morning, giddy with excitement nearly impossible to contain... This is how I feel every morning. My bed sits right in front of a floor-to-ceiling window looking out over Milan. Although I only get about five or six hours of sleep each night I still have the energy of a first grader on Christmas morning. In Milan, there are no limits.

Panzerotti porn
I try to have this philosophy back home but the American way of life prohibits me from truly being carefree. For example, in Milan I have had Luini's Panzerotti (orgasmic fried pockets of dough filled with melted cheese and fresh ingredients like pesto or tomato and mozzarella) about six times. Wine at noon? Absolutely. Going to bed at 4 am? Yes. Shopping after every class? DUH. This endless cycle of joy is only available to those who say YES! Whether you are in the middle of nowhere small-town USA or in a city like Milano, always say yes to the great things in life. Because I choose to say yes, I am madly in love with my life. People who do not say yes are constantly wondering why I never stop laughing or smiling while doing everyday activities like riding the metro or walking down a street. No matter where you find yourself in this world, always say YES to the things that make you happy.

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